SVERDRUP AS is a privately owned limited shareholding company first registered in Norway in 1964, having its address at Pb 3208 Elisenberg, 0208 Oslo. The company is managed by Georg Sverdrup Onsrud - +47 90 69 71 63 //

current ventures

ENERGY & SHIPPING activities are carried out in the 50% owned venture Seatres AS.

REAL ESTATE CURRENT PROJECTS: Gålålia, plots of land in the vicinity of Lillehammer, with a spectacular view into the Jotunheimen National Park. Link here.

our inspiration

The name Sverdrup origins from a Danish village. The first Sverdrup to settle in Norway relocated to the town of Halden in the early 1600´s, were our branch of the family lived from the late 1920´s to the early 1950´s.

Georg Sverdrup (1770-1850) was one of the 112 founding fathers of the Norwegian Constitution. Georg served as the first President of the Norwegian National Assembly and was the first to sign the constitution in 1814. He also founded the National Library of Norway is Oslo.

Johan Sverdrup (1816-1892), Georg´s nephew, played a significant role in the development of the Norwegian political structure and served as Norwegian Prime Minister in the period 1884-1889. The giant Johan Sverdrup oil-field in the North Sea is named after him.

Otto Sverdrup (1854-1930) was a polar explorer and a captain of the Fram expedition.

Harald Ulrik Sverdrup (1888-1957) was a significant contributor to ocean research. He has given name to the unit for ocean water transport with one Sverdrup being equivalent to one million cubic meters per second. He was a member of the Maud polar expedition. The Sverdrup Islands between Greenland and Canada are named after him.

Captain Georg Sverdrup (1897-1956), growing up at Eidsvoll as the oldest son of Cellulose Engineer William Sverdrup (1866-1944), was recruited to Saugbrugs (Norske Skog) in Halden after completing his degree in Chemical Engineering in Trondheim. He relocated to Gjøvik in the early 1950´s to head up the Toten Cellulose Paper mill.